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Ò̩̩̩̩ archival songisis from Palmwine Drinkerds Club*

*recorded by Victor Manfredi
Fe̩lò, Ilya Yunìlo̩rin (1981)
LSF, Ilya Nigeria Nkassu (1983)
Petrò̩n, Ilya Yunìlo̩rin (1997)


The Palmwine Drinkerds Club was formed in 1962 pari passu with the establishment of the University of Ifè̩, see
Chief A. O̩ládòkun, "The Palmwine Drinkerds' Club" (The Nigerian Field vol. 47)
Before the IBB/IMF-led collapse of universities and the corresponding rise of campus cults and "bornagains", our club poured out positive, polyglot cultural creativity in amazing abundance.¹ Seasonal migration reached all 5‑1 corners of the e̩mu‑sphere. Audio cassettes, both spontaneous and rehearsed, circulated from hand to hand, and I tried to add my share with the woked cooperation of songittos and drumittos all over the galaxy.

Here's a sample of these historic tapes, posted in .mov format:
Ilya do Excess (Petroleum Training Institute, Wari)
16 January 1983 [#1a], [#1b], [#2a], [#2b], [#3] total 240 minutes
Ilya Nigeria Nkassu (University of Nigeria, Ǹsú̩ká = colonial "Nsukka")
22 January 1983 [#1a], [#1b], [#2a], [#2b], [#3a], [#3b], [#4a], [#4b] total 368 minutes
Ilya Lacoste (Lagos State Polytechnic, Ìke̩jà)
26 February 1983 [Lacoste] 47 minutes
Ilya Pò̩tápò̩tá (Rivers State University of Science & Technology)
30 April 1983 [roughcut] 100 minutes
Jarasis for the late mother of Fe̩lo Joe Ì̩máhi̩agbè (Ilya Nigeria Nkassu)
1 July 1984, recorded in Ágbó̩-Óbi ("Agbor") [Fe̩lo Joe] 79 minutes
Jarasis for Fe̩lo (Professor) Adé O̩báye̩mí (Ilya do Yunilo̩rin)
4 May 1997, recorded in Àkòdì Afirikà, Ùhè̩-Ìjùmú ("Iffe-Ijumu") [Akodi] 56 minutes
All kongosis shall remain lifted at any time T — Ògùrò̩ò̩ò̩ò̩ò̩!

Yunilo.rin1981.jpg wProfAdesina1981.jpg Nkassu1984.jpg Yunilo.rinPetro.n1997.jpg


1. For example, under its then label of "Keggites" the club supported the democratic student union on the campus of O̩báfé̩mi Awóló̩̩ University, Ilé‑Ifè̩ (alias "Ilya World Head ¼"), as tangentially described in this interview about the cultic death‑squad attack of 10 July 1999.

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