Generative studies of Ìgbo grammar



Philip Ákụjụọobì Nwáchukwu (1941‑2009)

professor emeritus, Department of Linguistics & Nigerian Languages, University of Nigeria, Ǹsú̩ká ("Nsukka")

founding editor, Journal of the Linguistic Association of Nigeria, ISSN 0189-5680

former chairman, UNN chapter of the Academic Staff Union of Universities

The following hard-to-obtain works by Déè Phil are posted here in his memory:

(i) Noun phrase sentential complementation in Ìgbo
Dissertation, School of Oriental & African Studies, University of London, 1976.

(ii) Readings on the Ìgbo Verb
Africana-FEP, Ọ̀nịcha ("Onitsha"), 1983. Missing pages: 99, 106. ISBN 9751750235
Edited collection of papers by Ánọ̀ká., Éménanjọ, Nwáchukwu, Ọ́jị̀ and Ụ̀waláàka.

(iii) The argument structure of Ìgbo verbs
Lexicon Project Working Paper 18, M.I.T., Cambridge Mass., 1987. OCLC 23061186

(iv) Tone in Ìgbo Syntax
Ìgbo Language Association c/o University of Nigeria, Ǹsú̩ká ("Nsukka"), 1995. ISBN 9782937509

Déè Phil was also the lead author of a collective work which, though presented as a sequence of middle school texts, is informed by generative ideas of mother-tongue competence, literacy and socio-topo-variation. Equally it introduces generative-inspired terms and concepts of what's called "metalanguage" (in Igbo: ò̩kaásù̩̩) in the Nigerian education literature, as summarized in the final pages of each volume.

(v) Ò̩̩gu̩ nà Odíde Ìgbó Ìzugbé nà Júnì̩o̩ Sékó̩ndì̩ri̩. Longman (Nigeria), Ìke̩jà for Ímò State Ministry of Education, Òweré ("Owerri").

Book 1, [n.d. = 1985]. ISBN 9781393343

Book 2, 1987. ISBN 9781393351

Book 3, 1998. ISBN 978139336X

Note 1: The tonemarking of the title above conforms to the pitch-accent notation applied consistently on this page per Déè Phil's preference, rather than to the taxonomic toneme notation used by the copyeditors of these books following the style prescribed by linguists of Ìbàdàn University.

Note 2: A blurry cameo of our distinguished coauthor Chief "Ígoló" Ánò̩ká (using ányaanyá) appears on p. 107 of Book 3.

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